Pharmaceutical Injuries Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas


Xavier A. Gonzalez has over 10 years of experience and the skills needed to investigate and handle large cases involving products manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies. Our firm has been involved in some of the largest cases ever brought before the courts against some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. When looking for an attorney to represent you in these type of cases you need only ask “how many times have you personally picked a jury in cases against a Pharmaceutical Company?” Few attorneys in the country will be able to answer that question with a number, any number. Xavier A. Gonzalez has tried cases against Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Phizer, Mutual Pharmaceuticals and many more.

If you feel you or a loved one may possibly have a case against a pharmaceutical manufacturer, call Xavier A. Gonzalez and he will be happy to share his experience and knowledge to advise you of your options. 

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